Okay.. so by now everyone has to know about the devastating attack that occurred to innocent church members in Charleston. Nine namazing human being were murdered by a racist terrorist. Yesterday, the terrorist was caught and shown to all audiences. In the terrorist bond hearing, the families of victims were able to confront the Charleston terrorist.

The bond hearing was opened with a very awkward speech by the judge. The judge strangely implied that the victims families needed some sort of sympathy. Although, that may have been somewhat right it wasn’t the right place and time. It’s not surprising that the judge himself was even caught saying some racist slurs in the past. People have heard the judge even saying racist slurs in court.

The judge stated:

“There are four kinds of people in this world- black people,white people, red necks, and ni***’s.”

Getting back to the main point of this post points back to the victims families. The terrorist was welcomed in the church and still decided to murder multiple people. What was the families victims families response to this massacre? The victims families simply responded with a message of forgiveness and mercy. How heartbreaking it was to see this on the television screen. The victims families was still able to look the terrorist in he eye and forgive him. Of course, the terrorist showed no emotion.

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