It’s Fathers Day and we are seeing so much gorgeous families posted on social media. This is definitely a day to be celebrated. Fab Loso himself also contributed in the Fathers Day festivities. Fabulous also shared a special Fathers Day message on social media!

Coined by the trade mark of “myfabolouslife” on Instagram, Loso made a bold statement. Fab talked about the struggles of fatherhood. he stated that it might be hard coming up as a father because of relationship and financial issues. Fabolous implied that fatherhood is just as important as motherhood. Fabolous stressed the importance of fatherhood. Sometimes young fathers will get help from grandparents and other guardians around but their is a missing void.

Children need a consistent individual in their life to lean on and learn from. When a father figure is absent in a child’s life the might look for the same love and instruction some where else. Sometimes the child’s surroundings and media influences are negative and stir the child in the wrong way. The father must be there consistently so these things don’t happen.

Fab added that no father is perfect and we as human beings are still learning and growing. Fabolous loves being a father and hope that this promotes and inspires young kings for positive change.

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful
SOURCE: BallerAlert