Apple is dead set on launching their new streaming service. Apple Music, which will compete with Spotify and Tidal, wants to feature every artist that can be found in the iTunes store. However, once they revealed their plans to not pay royalties during their free trial program, artists like Taylor Swift wanted out of the deal. Find out why Apple has changed its mind after the jump.

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Apple Music has decided to give in and pay artists royalties during their free trial period. Apple’s original plan to attract new customers to its new music streaming service includes offering users a free trial before they commit to paying the low, monthly cost of $9.99. During the 90-day period, Apple said that it would not pay artists royalties. Several artists like Taylor Swift immediately spoke out against Apple’s new terms.

In an open letter, the “Bad Blood” singer revealed that she would be pulling her album 1989 from the service. “I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company,” said Swift.

Upon reading her letter via her Tumblr account, Apple Music Senior Vice President Eddie Cue contacted Swift personally to discuss her views about the policy. Afterwards, he took to Twitter to console his followers and inform the rest of social media that Apple will secure all royalty payments. He also told Billboard that Swift was one of many artists who were concerned about the policies and that it wasn’t their intention to not compensate artists.

Apple Music will officially launch June 30. Since Apple will continue to dish out royalty checks, Tat Wza will collect all dues owed. See what Cue had to say in the gallery!