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Dwyane Wade has played with the Miami Heat for his entire 12-year career but he could finally depart as there’s a contract standoff between the two.  Wade is set to become a free agent and reportedly wants a ton of money, more than the Heat are willing to dish out.  There’s been talk about him possibly joining his friend and old teammate LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers but now there’s another team thrown into the mix.

via Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

While many execs still see Wade/Heat as contract saber rattling, a Wade option will be the Lakers. Mutual interest, per league sources.  Hard to see LA offering Wade a better chance to win than Miami, especially in the West. But it is LA, and they do have money to burn.

All these leaks could possibly be from Wade’s camp, baiting the Heat into offering him more money.  There’s belief that he doesn’t really want to leave the team.  This could also backfire as there’s also talk that the Heat are ready to part with their star.  Wade still puts up impressive numbers but with age and injuries, he isn’t able to play a full season and lead the team. BUT Wade IS the Miami Heat, he’s the franchise star and means as much to them as Kobe to LA and Duncan to San Antonio.  It would be hard to see them part with him over a couple million dollars.  We’ll have to wait and see how much he’s actually offered by anybody.

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