Of course, after this crazy lunatic killed nine innocent souls in a church building his actions are being “rewarded”. It’s f***ed up to see how the society we live in operates. Dylann Roof was pampered and fed Burger King after his arrest! Smh.

Its not surprising. It’s seriously not surprising. The poor terrorist had not eaten in a few days and he was pampered by police. Dylann Roof was fed Burger King. It feels like this society is turning into one long episode of the “Boondocks” but its real. These things are happening. it’s real life.

The Charelston Observer stated:

” In Shelby,the FBI handled Roof’s initial questioning,Ledford said. Shelby police lone conversation with the mass murder suspect was about food. Early in the day, Roof had brought water and chips at a south Charlotte gas station.Now he was hungry. police had brought him Burger King. Ledford said.”

Does this even sound normal to you? I hope it sounds as bizarre as it sounds to me. This is absolutely ridiculous and insane. I don’t understand how someone could kill a huge amount of people and still be treated in such a nice way. It makes me wonder, what if the suspect had been another race. I think we all know the answers.

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Source: HipHopWired