A lot of talk has been surrounding the success of Troy Ave’s latest album “Major Without A Deal” and how successful he has been as an Indie artist. Today, Joey Badass, another prolific Indie artist, broke his silence on the matter.


Troy Ave has spent the better part of the past two weeks defending his album sales, which according to Billboard, were skewed due to its Friday, June 5th digital release. Billboard says the numbers that initially came out were not accurate given that numbers were based on the digital sales and the 30 hardcopies that were illegally sold, leaving out the Tuesday release.

Troy Ave has since cleared up the low sale reports in various interviews but today, he found himself responding to another Indie artist who claims to be number one in the world! Joey Badass released “B4.DA.$$” earlier this year and has reportedly sold over 57,000 copies in its first week. Joey says that makes him the number one independent artist in the world but, Troy Ave had something to say about that.

Troy took to twitter to basically clown Joey’s earlier statements saying, “NO single, NO party hostings NO endorsements Reminder: NObody cares + u work for Sony Red/ Cinematic Records #FakeIndependent.” SHEESH I thought it was all love in Brooklyn–at least for the artist that are from that boro!

Troy Ave is definitely feeling a way about Joey’s claims to be the best and I don’t think he plans to stop defending his latest album! Joey also mentioned that a lot people were sleeping on his sales but told them to keep sleeping! LOL!

Check the gallery for the tweets!

Source: Complex