Lebron James,  Anthony Davis

Fresh off his championship win as the assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors, Alvin Gentry was officially introduced as the new head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans.  Gentry has already let it be known about his excitement in coaching Anthony Davis, mouthing during the Warriors celebration that he and Davis would soon be there.  Now during his introductory press conference, Gentry expressed just how great of a player he thinks Davis is.

Times-Picayune‘s John Reid:

With emerging star power forward Anthony Davis in the fold, Gentry said the Pelicans roster has tremendous potential and he is eager to get started.

”We got the best player in the NBA, not named LeBron James,” Gentry said. ”But I’m really excited. I look at the roster and I lot of these guys I have a special relationship with.”

Davis is only 22 years old and has already established himself as a dominant all around player, capable of stuffing the stat sheet on any given night.  And the scary part is, he’s only going to get better, he still hasn’t hit his peak yet.  Some may argue that Stephen Curry or even possibly Kevin Durant is the second best player after LeBron but you can’t go wrong with mentioning Anthony Davis.

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