A lot of the attention has been surrounding Diddy and what he actually did today on UCLA’s campus but what about his son? How exactly will Diddy’s arrest affect his son, Justin?


I can’t imagine how embarrassed Justin must feel after seeing his father trash is coach in front of his team mates, staff, and now, the world. Aside from being embarrassed about what went down today, it doesn’t look like Justin will receive any punishment–as he shouldn’t.

Why would he though? As a player, I’m sure Justin understands that being yelled at by your coaches simply comes with the territory of being an athlete. It happens/happened to all of us that have involvement in sports.

ESPN On Diddy And Justin…

I think the most that will happen to Justin is he will probably face some criticism while on campus. A lot of students there will probably not understand that Diddy was already on the sidelines when everything went down, so he might get clowned for “calling his pops,” but I think he will be fine!

UCLA head football coach, Jim Mora, made a statement following Diddy’s arrest saying:

“I’m thankful that our staff showed the level of professionalism that they did in handling this situation. This is an unfortunate incident for all parties involved. While UCPD continues to review this matter, we will let the legal process run its course and refrain from further comment at this time.”

Maybe the charges will get dropped since no one was seriously injured; but, I hope it doesn’t affect the playing time that Justin may have seen in this upcoming season. Unfortunately, Justin has not received too much playing time in previous seasons and as redshirt Junior, I’m sure he was definitely looking forward to more opportunities for touches on the field.

Source: ABC || ESPN