Future & Brittni Mealy

Lord of the Trapsters Future has some of the hottest tracks out right now, but unfortunately his boyfriend skills aren’t quite as amazing as his ability to make dope songs. After recently getting back together with [one] of his numerous baby mamas Brittni Mealy, it looks like he got busted over and over again with different girls. First, a woman came at Britt crazy via Instagram, detailing Future’s privates and ranting about how skills in the bedroom.

Jazlana: Twitter || Instagram

Now, it seems that more girls are popping up. Brittni seemed to have did the right thing and made the executive decision to walk away from Future’s dirty, cheating ways. She took to her Twitter page to say, “Love yourself enough to move on when your not appreciated!” She then tweeted out, “Trust Gods timing it’s perfect if he takes something away it just means something better is on the way #imexcitedtosee.”

Hmmm, do you think she’s really going to stay away from her ballin’ baby daddy? We shall see.