This week New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have his appeal heard for the four-game suspension he was handed as a result of Deflategate.

It is just the latest scandal involving the New England Patriots and cheating, many remembering their Spygate days.

According to former NFL linebacker Bart Scott, Tom Brady isn’t the only cheater. He is just the only one who got caught.

“Some teams are the biggest cheaters in the world,” Scott said, via Bleacher Report. “We played teams that were so good at stealing signs, we had to wear wristbands when we played them. I don’t know how they stole them. I think they videotaped us, but I’m not sure. But they stole them.

“Some of the biggest stars you watch now—huge stars, biggest celebrities in the game—are big cheaters. They cheated more than anybody. They just weren’t caught.

“I’m not going to name names, but go back and look at tape of when I was with the Ravens, and look at the teams we played when we wore wristbands. We only wore the wristbands against a few teams and those teams were huge cheaters.”

Of course there’s other cheater in the NFL, that’s no surprise.  Unfortunately for Brady, he got caught.

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