J. Cole attends fan's graduation

Back in 2013, a high school student who goes by the Twitter handle @princess_simba wrote J. Cole a letter, and it touched the North Carolina rapper so much, he reached out to her via DM.

“i read your letter twice now,” Cole wrote to her in July of 2013. “you are so strong, i admire YOU. i will be at your graduation… only IF you get into a 4 year University. go!”

A little under a year later, the fan checked in with Cole and gave him an update on her grades, and they were up to par. She’s clearly kept them up since and made good on her promise to get into a 4-year college, as Cole was front and center during her high school graduation this week!

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Taking to Twitter, she shared the above photo of Cole with her at the ceremony, and added the following:

“he bought me a few books that he likes and he’s said he’s gonna help me with my college tuition.”

Ugh, why is he SO AMAZING?! Melissa is a lucky lady!

Source: LifeIsTremendez