Juvenile promo

Things aren’t going too well over at Cash Money. Lil Wayne and Tyga have jumped ship, Nicki Minaj and Drake are reportedly on their way out as well, Young Thug – though never signed – has left whatever management deal he had with Birdman. And not that they’re missed but Bow Wow’s gone, Mystikal’s gone, Busta Rhymes is gone, DJ Khaled is gone. So who’s left?! At this point, it might just be Juvenile and Birdman! And judging by Juve’s Twitter activity, things aren’t going too well for him.

Taking to his account earlier this week, the New Orleans rapper shared the most struggle promo of all time, promoting for a hardware store in St. Louis. Like, OF ALL TIME. Let’s just hope this was merely a favor for a friend, and not something done out of desperation for a couple dollars. Peep the struggle below.

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