The more we hear about the incident on the UCLA campus involving Diddy and assistant coach Sal Alosi earlier this week, the more it sounds like Alosi had a beatdown coming! Reports say the coach has been shaming Justin on the practice field for having a rich father and even went as far as to involve the entire team during NBA All-Star weekend.



The coach who fought Diddy this week brutally shamed Diddy’s son by using a paparazzi pic to drive home a point that he thinks Justin Combs is a spoiled rich kid.

Sources connected to UCLA’s football program tell TMZ Sports the humiliating incident went down in February. Coach Sal Alosi had several players in the the gym for a training sesh, which Justin missed because he was at the NBA All-Star game.

We’re told Alosi openly mocked Justin by putting a pic of him at the game, next to Diddy and Ben Stiller, on all the gym monitors. We’re told Alosi told players “While you guys are training, this guy is sitting courtside with his dad.” The pic remained up for 24 hours.

As we’ve reported, Diddy sources say Alosi ran a campaign of psychological warfare against Combs for the past THREE YEARS.

Our UCLA sources say over the years, Alosi has told Justin things like “You’re only here because of your dad,” and “You never belonged here,” and “You should just go work for your dad.”

Alosi sounds more and more like a jealous man who can’t be professional enough as a coach to keep his personal feelings to himself.