An Uber driver was attacked in Brooklyn by four teens and they even recorded the whole incident on a cell phone. SMH!

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So, 4 teens attacked an Uber driver for allegedly refusing to service them. What makes this story even more sick is that they found it amusing and even recorded it. In the video you can hear them saying, “Drive the f***ing car, n***a… n***a got a headache,” laughing as they were putting the man in a headlock and slapping him in the back of the head. The Uber driver eventually was able to get free and escape out the vehicle.

NYPD officials are currently examining the footage because it is still unclear where and when it all went down. “This is a deplorable incident and we will do everything we can to assist our valued driver- partner… we are currently investigating and stand ready to assist the NYPD in bringing these individuals to justice,” a stated released by Uber spokesperson, Matthew Wing. It is said that the man never reported the attack so he remains unidentified and officials are hoping he comes forward.

A source tells the news that even though the cops have the tape, they have to gather more details before launching a formal investigation.

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