Music producer and former reality star Memphitz is a wanted man after he robbed a car wash attended at gun point for his cell phone after accusing the man of stealing weed from his car. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video and police have issued a warrant for his arrest. Hit the jump for details.

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright attacked Johns Creek car wash attendant Harold Huntley just after he had his car washed. Huntley said Wright wrongly accused him of stealing marijuana out of his vehicle. Huntley told reporters, “He was getting a car wash, and when I drove his car into the tunnel, I smelled marijuana.”

The video captured on the car wash surveillance camera shows Huntley trying to get away from Memphitz as he attacked him with a gun drawn. Huntley said, “He comes back and is like, ‘You stole my weed, you stole my weed.’ I was like, ‘Nah, man,’ and then he pulled a gun out on me and was like, ‘It’s gonna be your life or it’s gonna be my weed’”

Huntley tried to call the police, when he took out his phone the video shows Memphitz snatching the phone and running off. According to Huntley, Wright said, “‘Man just give me the phone, give me the phone. What’s it gonna be? Your life or your phone? Is it really that important?’”

Police found the Jeep Wright was driving, the handgun as well as the stolen phone a few miles away from the car wash. They believe he was picked up by someone.

Warrants have been issued for his arrest for armed robbery and aggravated assault.Fulton County Sheriff’s Department is requesting that Memphitz turn himself in.

Memphitz has been featured on reality shows “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and “Toya: A Family Affair.”

Let’s hope he can get it together. Check out the surveillance footage below.

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Source The Shade Room