Damn, well Safaree Samuels (Nicki Minaj’s Ex) is apparently banned from the BET Awards Red Carpet event that takes place tomorrow (June 28th) Hop into the post for the details #IFWT!

So incase you didn’t know, Safaree Samuels is the Ex Boyfriend of Hip Hop Artist Nicki Minaj. After their break up just some months ago, Nicki Minaj spoke on the relationship subliminally in a song called “Bed of Lies” months later after hearing the breakup influenced track Safaree Samuels retaliated.

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After Nicki Minaj openly said that her and Safaree were on good terms after the breakup apparently Safaree needed to vent on record as well. In a song called “Love the Most” Safaree Samuels spoke about his 10 year relationship with the Queens Female MC.

When Nicki Minaj spoke out on twitter after the release of Safaree’s song “Love The Most” she said that many of the things Safaree referenced to were invalid and just flat out lies. Imagining that the song started some static between the separated couple that were once on neutral ground, Safaree looks like he is implying Nicki Minaj got him banned from the red carpet for tomorrows BET Awards Ceremony.

Hop into the gallery to check out what exactly Safaree had to say. Do you think it’s because of Nicki ? Let us know in the comments! #IFWT!