Its happening again.. We saw this incident all to many times before. Kanye held a concert in Glastonbury and a wild fan interrupted his performance on stage!

Well poor Kanye, it’s going to be interesting to see how Mr. Yeezus himself took this. The interruption was obviously not taken very well. The ecstatic and overly hyped fan shared his 15 seconds of fame with hundreds. The fame didn’t last long, the fan was rushed off the stage with the speed of light. Welp, know you know how the interruption affected Mr. West. The notorious living legend didn’t waste no time!. His security didn’t waste no time either.

Remember, this event occurs so many times. Do you guys remember the infamous interruption of Jay Z and Alicia Keys Performance? Jay Z was interrupted by a hyper and outspoken Lil Mama. Jay z and songstress Alicia Keys reacted quite puzzled to the interruption along with the audience and global fans. That incident is even remembered in the books. Till this day, people condemn Lil Mama for interrupting the performance. It’s even scary. People remember anything these days and nobody is safe.

Returning back to the Yeezus situation, the estranged fan may of just wanted his seconds of fame. This person could be remembered in the books. You never know. Stay tuned for what happens to this Kanye fan.

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