After all these years, not a thing has changed when it comes to Janet Jackson. The energy in the room was a pure example of the impact that Janet has left in the music Industry and on the world. Special guest to set off the Janet Jackson Tribute was the Dance diva Ciara. I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to emulate the evolution of Janet Jackson throughout the years

The tribute began with screaming Janet fans around the world. As soon as the old footage went up from past Janet tours , you can feel the room get that old energy back. Janet Jackson takes us back to a time in music where artist actually performed and used their music to get across a message. In Janet Jackson’s speech she reminded fans that when she made the hit song “Rhythm Nation” it was intended to put a positive change in the world. “There are many changes that still need to be done “, she added at the end.

Among the crowd cheering on for Janet Jackson were her parents. She took the time to thank both mother Catherine & father Joe Jackson. The pop music queen still has the respect of the whole world. Set to be on her “Unbreakable Tour ” , she starts off on the right foot at the 2015 B.E.T Awards

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