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Paris Hilton was the latest victim of an Egyptian prank TV show called “Ramez in Control” hosted by Ramez Galal. During this episode Galal convinces Paris that the plane they are on is crashing. Even by today’s standard when almost anything goes, it’s a pretty sick joke. Paris was terrified and totally pissed off when she finds out it wasn’t real. Check out the footage after the jump.

During the episode featuring Paris Hilton, the starlet is in Dubai for the opening of a new hotel, while there she is invited to hop on a jet for an aerial tour of the city with Galal and other hotel guests. Hilton is completely unaware that many of the people around her are actors and part of the show. Shorty after the plane takes off the pilot beings to do stunts that make it seem as if the plane is crashing.

In the video you can see Paris and the other passengers begin to panic and become terrified. Alarms sound and one passenger opens up the jet’s door and tosses out another passenger.

It’s almost painful to watch Hilton panic and scream. At one point she says, “No” and “I don’t want to jump.” and continues to scream and cry. Finally after about another five minutes of disturbing footage the plane finally lands safely and Galal explains everything was just a joke.

Paris was not pleased one bit. She yelled at Galal, “I’m going to kill you.” She continued crying “I almost thought I was going to die, that’s been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane.”

Poor Paris! That is a terrible thing to do to anyone. Check out the video of the prank below.

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