It looks like Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda is in way more trouble than we thought. The 20-year-old “Hot N*gga” artist is currently serving time at Rikers Island for both gun and drug charges. However, it seems his ride or die girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau got caught up in his mess, as well. According to the New York Daily News, “a guard allegedly saw Kimberly Rousseau, 18, pull a black latex glove balloon wrapped in black electrical tape out of her bra and hand it to him.”

According to reports, the guard apparently opened the balloon and found a “sharp metal object.” Both Bobby and his girl were charged with promoting prison contraband. She pleaded guilty to both promoting prison contraband and criminal possession of a weapon, meaning she will most likely be serving some time, as well. She’s due back in court next month, so stay tuned to see what the outcome will be.

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Source: New York Daily News