Los Angeles was extra chaotic this weekend due to the 2015 BET Awards, leaving the city to be in a complete frenzy. After the awards went down, it was only right that Hip-Hop mogul Diddy held one of his extravagant after-parties at BOA. However, it seems that it was a little TOO lit because his event reached capacity ASAP. It was so crowded inside that even famous people such as actor Michael B. Jordan were denied access.

According to a video captured by TMZ photogs, Jordan got to the door and was denied but seconds later, one of Diddy’s people chased him down saying the Bad Boys OG was on his way to get him inside. Unfortunately due to the over-capacity venue, even Diddy wasn’t able to finagle his friend into the party. Check out the vid below!

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Sometimes, being famous just ISN’T enough…

Source: TMZ