This year’s BET Awards’ (pre)-pre-shows were action-packed. There was Rich Homie Quan calling out of his position for the small stage, and then this; It was rumored that Dej Loaf and her Detroit crew got into a scuffle with former management, during a BET soundcheck. Now, said former management is speaking out, claiming that “fame changes things.” In other words, Dej is acting like a BIG FAT PHONY!

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Sources close to the altercation are saying that reports of hospitalizations were not true, and that Dej was not directly involved in any physical showdown.

“It was not a new manager nor DeJ Loaf involved in the altercation. Both of DeJ Loaf’s brothers and hype man Oba Rowland attempted to gang up on one of the former managers. He knocked out one brother, then it was broken up. The other brother hit the unnamed manager with a heel, causing a small cut on the top of his head. This did not require hospitalization…It’s a shame that someone took this as an opportunity to slander and make up lies.”

Dej Loaf’s former manager, Detroit Charlie spoke with The FADAR, calling their issues, “unfortunate.” While some of the old crew felt as though Charlie should not have even showed up the show’s festivities, he still wishes Dej all of the luck in the world. “I hope we can all find our senses and the love that got us this far. I only wanna see DeJ become the legend we set out to make her,” he says.

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