It’s still not 100% clear what caused Diddy to go off on his son Justin’s football coach, but he allegedly berated and hazed Justin for quite some time.  NBA star Ty Lawson says that his parents never had to pull a P. Diddy on one of his coaches and never had anything to be mad about because he was the best player on the team.

Lawson was out in L.A. this weekend when TMZ Sports asked if he’d ever witnessed any tense moments between his parents and coaches, like the Diddy/Alosi run in at UCLA from a week ago.

Check out the clip — Lawson says that there’s one thing that stopped his parents from ever needing to make a trip into the coaches office, the fact he was the best player on every team he’s played for.

Ty does back up Diddy though, saying if he thought his kid was being unfairly bullied he’d definitely step in and do something.  Noting, he doesn’t know exactly what Diddy did but he’s Team Diddy all the way.

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