Two men were arrested last month for distributing marijuana from state to state. The two men gave drug dealing on the low a whole new twist. The two hid their drug dealing behind childlike phases and backpacks that were in clear eye view!

Brian Poole and Eric Gomez allegedly have been distributing marijuana that was grown in California and New York. Poole and Gomez sold so far 11 types of marijuana some of the names that where mentioned where, “Girl Scout Cookies, Cheese, and Death”.

So far officers have seized about $200,000 dollars which Gomez was keeping stashed in a female child’s backpack in his Camaro. We guess Gomez thought no one would take a second look at a girly backpack. He even took things it farther with childlike items/phrases by having the word “Lifted” on his license plate. The sick twist to the license plate was that Gomez specially ordered a “Keep Kids Drug Free” plate that read “LIFTD” on it as well. Mixing the meaning of keeping children drug free but using the word “LIFTD” as to say get high. A good cover up but all the drug free zones could not have saved Gomez and Poole who are currently in jail.