August Alsina stopped Ebro in the Morning to talk about a variety of topics. They go over his health, who he’s dating, his latest single, “Hip Hop,” and then the talk of the week; the outfit her wore to the 2015 BET Awards. The outfit that turn into funny memes all over the Internet.

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Prior to his entrance, August released the powerful visual for his single, “Hip Hop.” The inspirational piece was to “uplift our people, our black people,” he explained.

While the track is a dope one, that’s not what has people talking. Following his red carpet entrance at the BET Awards, August was turned into memes; being compared to animated characters, and even a pair of crutches. It was HA-LA-RI-US, but what’s humor for us, does not make or break the R&B crooner.

“They gone talk about you, good or bad,” he explains. And while Ebro questions the mini-heel on his shoe, he clears up all lack of shoe fashions knowledge. “I had on Giuseppe’s,” he says. “I’m going to always do me. Ain’t nobody going to stop me from doing me,” he adds about his sense of fashion difference.

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Check out August’s ‘fit in the gallery above.