Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera made a comment about how hip hop has done more damage to the African American community then racism has and he pointed the finger at K.dot over his BET Awards performance, in which Kendrick then responded with …


TMZ got a hold of Kendrick Lamar so that he can discuss the comments made about his performance at the BET Awards. He told TMZ that they are using his performance to stir up fake controversy and that the real problem is not him rapping on top of a vandalized cop car, but yet these senseless acts of violence on these young African American boys. He says that the message in the song he performed which is titled “Alright” off his album “To Pimp A Butterfly” is that everything is going to be alright, to give the young kids who grow up in the inner city and the rough neighborhoods hope not violence. You can hear him speak more about it in the video below.