Heat fans can rest easy. Your franchise player is keeping his talents in South Beach for at least one more season.


Wade and the team have reportedly agreed on a one year deal that will pay him $20 million! That figure is what he wanted, although he wanted a multi year deal to go along with it. Wade had previously opted out of his contract that would have paid him $16 million next season.

In the end Wade settled for now, even though he did get $4 million more by doing so. The Heat should be one of the primary competitors of the Cleveland Cavs to be in the race to win the Eastern conference.

Miami now has Wade, Bosh, Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic and Luol Deng as the current foundation of the team. They also have plans to meet with LaMarcus Aldridge tonight, but don’t count on anything coming from that.

Wade deep down wants to retire with Miami but he wants to feel he is getting what he is owed. At least for now he feels that so now the focus can turn back to the game.