Baby Bash

Baby Bash, who is the son of both Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, is one of the most adorable kids in the industry. For privacy reasons, Muva Rosebud pulled all of Sebastian’s photos and videos from her social media sites, in which she has millions of followers on. However, baby Bash is back to stay for good now!

Amb posted an adorable video clip of Sebastian that has a caption that reads, “I’ve decided to have my Pumpkin Pie back on Mommy’s Instagram…I thought keeping his pics and videos private would allow him to have a more normal life but apparently that didn’t really work,” she said. “There are pictures posted of him everywhere besides my account. So here u go world! Enjoy my lil smart guy on his Mommy’s page as well.”

Sound off below and let us know if you think as a celebrity, it’s a smarter idea to hide your kids via social media.

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