Dez Bryant continues to take the stand that he will sit out of Cowboys training camp over contract talks. Not only that, but he is also claiming to be willing to miss the week one matchup against the Giants, but the Cowboys reportedly think he is bluffing because he needs his game check due to money troubles.


Would Dez Bryant really decline to sign the franchise tag and skip Week One of the regular season, missing a $750,000 paycheck in the process? The Cowboys reportedly don’t think so.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (via the Dallas Morning News), the Cowboys are not budging from the offer they’ve made Bryant and will tell him to either sign their offer or play the 2015 season under the $12.8 million franchise tag. The reason the Cowboys think they have the leverage to hold the line with Bryant is that they believe he’s bluffing about missing games, and that he is having money problems and wouldn’t be able to afford to give up a $750,000 paycheck.

It’s unclear what kind of money problems Bryant is having. He has made enough money already in his NFL career that he should be set for life, but Bryant does have expensive tastes and was once sued for failing to pay a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry he purchased.

Ultimately, the Cowboys may simply decide to tell Bryant to play this season for $12.8 million. If they do, Bryant won’t have much choice but to take it.