A brazen attack on two news crews occurred Thursday morning, even as a news reporter attempted to present some news.

News Crews Robbed And Cameraman Pistol-Whipped in San Francisco

News crews from four Bay Area television stations were reporting on a fatal shooting on San Francisco’s Pier 14 on the Embarcadero that took place Wednesday night, and this was when an armed bandit decided to mug two out of the four crews present. At around 6 a.m, the thief stole camera equipment from the KNTV and KTVU. News crews from KRON and KGO-TV were present at the scene, but they were not robbed, according to witnesses.


Prior to stealing the private property, the man pulled up to the curb in a black four-door BMW, approached the photographer and pistol-whipped him with a gun then shoved him to the ground, the reporter and photographer said. The man then grabbed the photographer’s camera gear, and as he was struggling to get it inside his getaway car, returned to pistol whip the photographer again, the news crew reported.

The reporter was not injured and the photographer suffered a cut to his ear. The photographer was checked out by paramedics along the Embarcadero and declared in okay condition. Both returned to work later that day.

News Crews Robbed And Cameraman Pistol-Whipped in San Francisco

Witnesses said it appeared as though the attacker got into a getaway car, driven by someone else. There was possibly another person in the back of the car, too. Later, San Francisco police said there were three men, and one of them had dreadlocks. They drove off in what looked like a black BMW 7 with upgraded rims and no plates.

Below is the incident as it ensued:

It’s reported San Francisco police have detained “a person of interest”, and the investigation is underway.