Bobbi Kristina’s former roommate/best friend Steven Stepho was found dead from an apparent overdose at only 22-years-old on Monday, according to reports. “He’s been on the path to sobriety for a while — attending AA meetings — but they believe that he fell back into using heroin or with mixing it,” a source close to Stepho revealed.

Stepho has been arrested twice over the past two years in connection with possession of and intent to sell heroin. He was also found with 5.8 grams of heroin and arrested in connection with drug trafficking back in October of 2013. He was on probation at this time, so it made his charges 10x worse. After pleading guilty in court, the judge sentenced Stepho up to a year behind bars and placed on probation for 11 years.

His parents are requesting that nobody wears black at the funeral because his favorite colors were blue and white. May he rest in peace.

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Source: RO