According to recent reports someone close to Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston is shopping around a photo of the young woman while she lays on her death bed in a hospice facility outside of Atlanta. Read more for all the details.

Things seem to be getting worse for Bobbi Kristina even as she spends her final days in hospice care. She is being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for an alleged road rage incident, her reported friend and dealer overdosed and now someone is trying to sell photos of her on her death bed to the media.

TMZ reported this morning that they had been approached by “extended family member” with a photo of Bobbi Kristina in the hospice facility. They photo was described as Bobbi Kristina laying in her hospice bed with a woman said to be a family member standing over her.

TMZ passed on the photo but according to their reports they were not the only website approached with the photo and although they passed other sites may not be as respectful. I can not think of anything more shady and slimy to do to someone or their family while they are going through such a terrible time, but when there’s money involved some people will do anything.

Hopefully, the Browns and the Houston’s will be able to get through the rest of this hard time without anymore drama.

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Source TMZ