Eric Belliner Details Being Apart Of the writing teams that write for Beyonce and Rihanna. Hop into the post to check it out! #IFWT!

Eric Bellinger has a pretty deep resume under his belt. Now A Days he’s working on “The Documentary 2” with Game but he has done much more. Eric Bellinger has arranged dozens of tracks for some of the top artists in the game right now, but unfortunately, as he’ll explain , a majority of the time him or any other producers work just wont make the cut. Eric Bellinger says “I had six songs on Beyoncé’s album before it came out, then when it came out I had none.”

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Eric Bellinger describes the experience as 20 people getting flown out to Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Hamptons’ mansion to record a secret album. That was Eric Bellinger’s life at one point, as he spent three weeks with Beyonce and the rest of her writing camp before the release of her self titled surprise album back in 2013. Along with other top-tier songwriters and producers like Benny Blanco, Eric Bellinger wrote over 30 songs over the Three Week span in his bedroom that came equipped with his own personal studio. Unfortunately in the end, none of the 30 Eric Bellinger written tracks were used on the album since Beyonce team “changed direction on the album,” but he says “just the experience alone changed my life.”

Check out Eric Bellinger’s full interview below! #IFWT!!

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