Russell Wilson isn’t ready yet to give up on a childhood dream of playing major league baseball. Although he has gained incredible fame from playing in the NFL with the Seahawks, he still wants to at least consider playing both sports. While on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night he revealed what would need to happen for him to get serious about it.


Kimmel asked Wilson about playing baseball. A second baseman, Wilson is under contract with the Texas Rangers and said he has wanted to play both sports professionally since he was a kid. Kimmel suggested it would be easier for Wilson to play football and baseball if he were traded to the Mariners.

“If you got traded to the Mariners organization, would you then take a whole different look at it?” Kimmel asked.

“I would definitely consider it, sure,” Wilson answered.

From all reports, if Russell was able to apply himself to baseball full time, he would be able to make a major league roster and play in the big leagues.