A Canceled Lil Boosie Show is not the best way to start your 4th of July Weekend. Hop into the post to check out the disaster that took place. #IFWT

Lil Boosie was allegedly paid $55,000 to perform at the Whiskey River club in Macon last night (Friday July 3rd). After VIP bands and all other types of tickets were sold for the event, Lil Boosie announced that he had canceled the scheduled performance due to new rules from his probation officer.

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While Lil Boosie Has performed in the clubs many times before, he explained in a Facebook video, Louisiana Parole Board recently changed the rules for his club appearances.

Fans and promoters were not happy about the cancellation. Photos surfaced on social media of the club torn up after a bunch of angry Lil Boosie fans took it over. Knocking over tables, Bottles and other furniture. Multiple people were harmed but didn’t require any serious medical attention.

It has been reported that fans spent $500 on VIP booths for the event and up to $40 for regular tickets. Promoters offered fans full refunds for the tickets, insisting they didn’t know that Lil Boosie would cancel such last minute.

Hop into the Gallery to check out the torn up club.