Well due to MISCONSTRUED information taken from blogs and the talk from twitter-sphere this early 4th of July morning started on a not so easy going basis between Meek and Joe.


As many of you may know Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been dating exclusively for quite some time now, they are on each other’s instagrams they performed on hot 97’s summer jam stage together and attended this years BET Awards as well. They have become the new “power couple” as a lot may say, which causes tons of attention and opinions from everyone including people such as Joe Budden. Now those who have followed Joe throughout the years knows he’s not one to have much of a filter on what he says he is a very blunt individual, but as outspoken as Budden may be it seemed as if the CONTEXT of his words were misinterpreted. Earlier this week Joe had released episode 20 of his podcast titled “Ill Name This Podcast Later” (Which is also co-hosted by Hot97’s Marisa Mendez) and in doing so touched on a series of different subjects as they do every week, but one particular subject seemed to stick out more then the others. It was that of Meek and Nicki at the awards and Joe simply stated that “Part of my problem with that is Meek’s music is to hard” “Meek’s music is too hard for me to look at him with this sappy f*ck sh*t” “Like be the hardcore guy that im sure she was attracted to at some point”. Now reading that it sounds as if Joe is coming for Meek, but if you listen to the episode and how Joe said it, he was basically saying that, when you listen to meek you don’t see meek as this lover boy type you see him as the mean gritty aggressive dude from Philly and that he should just continue to be himself in that way even though he is now in a relationship. Regardless of how he meant it, it did not sit well with Meek and he tweeted out a couple shots toward Joe in which Joe responded. You can check out the tweets in the gallery above.