Oklahoma City fans who are already feeling insecure about Kevin Durant’s impending free agency next season might not want to read this. Then again, KD’s thoughts about LaMarcus Aldridge going to the Spurs could be seen as a positive for OKC fans.


OKC beat reporter, Royce Young, asked Durant’s feelings about Aldridge wanting to play closer to home in Texas. KD congratulated him for doing what he wanted to do, despite the fact it made a bunch of people in Portland upset.

Durant mentioned something similar last year when Lebron returned to Cleveland and his home state. KD seems to be fans of guys who do what is best for themselves and not caring about the public’s opinion.

If you’re an OKC fan, that could be construed as to mean Durant might have his sights set on Washington D.C. no matter how it might make other people feel. Then again it could mean he will stay put in OKC despite pressure to maybe go elsewhere.

Either way watching OKC this season will be fun. Check the gallery for his full message.