_Men Throw Acid Into Girls' Faces For Going To School

Men in Afghanistan threw acid into girls’ faces for going to school. Read more on the story after the jump!

Attackers on motorbikes, threw acid into girls’ faces as they were on their way to school in the western Herat province of Afghanistan. The girls ages are between 16 to 18, and they are students at one of the biggest girl’s schools in Herat city, the provincial capital, said Aziz-ul-Rahman Sarwary, head of the education department for the province.

Hospital head Jamal Abdul Naser Akhundzada said that all three of the girls were admitted to Noor hospital in Herat city. He also said that two of the girls were in critical condition after the acid was thrown in their faces. Akhundzada quoted the girls by saying that their assailants were two men on a motorbike. “This is the punishment for going to school,” the men told the girls after pouring the acid on them, according to Akhundzada. Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, who is a spokesman for the provincial police chief, said that police are working hard to find the men who attacked the young girls.


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