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Any reporter has to know that when you are interviewing Nick Young, you are guaranteed to get some laughs! Swaggy P was asked what he thinks about Blake Griffin playing the lead role in Space Jam 2 and his answer was priceless!


Growing up, Space Jam was probably one of the best basketball movies and of course the casting crew did right by having MJ play the lead role. I mean, what other way could it have been done other than to have the best player in the world step up to the plate?

Space Jam 2 has been in the talks for some time now and I think it is pretty obvious who should take on the lead role in the movie. LeBron James, right? Well, some reports are saying that Blake Griffin may be cast as the lead role and while I don’t think it is a terrible idea, I think the role is best fit for the King.

It is no secret that Blake Griffin is an actor at heart. His skits during the 2014 ESPY’s were definitely good and he had many of us laughing hard. Also, he has been seen in several commercials, showcasing his acting skills; but the movie may end up being a dud in a sense, to not have the best player in the world in the lead role. Would he even want to be in the movie? TMZ caught up to Nick Young and asked him about his thoughts on Blake in Space Jam 2; however, his reasoning was a little different! LOL!

Swaggy P On Blake…

That was definitely a typical Nick Young Response! Remembering Barkley’s role in Space Jam, Nick kind of took a shot a Blake! LOL! Charles had a small part in the movie but it was definitely centered around the type of player he was. In reality though, Blake is too much of a star to have a small part in the movie, so it will actually be interesting to see how the casting works out once they finally decide to move forward with the movie.

Source: Bleacher Report