Tyga is in some deep ishh, and things just seem to be getting messier! A transsexual actress by the name of Mia Isabella has just come forward with messages and naked pictures that she claims are from Tyga. As the plot continues to thicken old footage has surfaced of Mia Isabella talking about Tyga and his role in her life.

Mia Isabella has started some real mess in Tyga’s life and although he has denied having any relations with her, the accusations are getting harder to ignore. In addition to the messages that have been exposed between Tyga and Mia Isabella, there is also footage of Mia naming Tyga along with Charlie Sheen as the two most influential people in her life.

Who knows if there are any truth to these rumors but they could have a huge affect on Tyga’s career and his relationship with Kylie.

Check the video below.

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