Now it makes sense as to why Jason Pierre-Paul’s family didn’t want anyone from the Giants to see him when team officials came down to Florida to check on him. It is now being reported that JPP had to get a finger AMPUTATED after a bad fireworks accident.


NY Giants superstar Jason Pierre-Paul had a finger amputated moments ago … following injuries suffered during a 4th of July fireworks accident.

Pierre-Paul has been hospitalized since injuring his hand in a fireworks show at a home in Florida … and now ESPN’s Adam Schefter says he’s obtained medical records that show doctors removed his right index finger.

JPP’s status has been shrouded in mystery ever since the incident — and we’re assuming JPP’s wants it that way since there’s a LOT of money on the line in terms of a new contract.

But with news that he’s lost a finger — it seems his NFL is still in jeopardy. Still, Schefter says his sources tell him Jason expects to play this season.

It is possible to play football minus one finger, especially on the defensive side like JPP is, but it damn sure makes things a hell of a lot more harder. Have to wonder now if the Giants will be willing to play it out or just release him.