Could it be? Safaree “SB” Samuels has been all over the place lately. Since his breakup with female rapper Nicki Minaj, the young man has not exactly stayed away from the radar. While we think he’s winning with his new girl, this leap may take him over the ‘celebrity stardom’ top.

SB hints at his very own reality show. Find out more down bottom.

JaaiR (JR)
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Would you watch?

SB uploads to Instagram, a photo of himself standing in front of a VH1-covered elevator door. While we’re not sure what the cameras would be following – he is trying his hardest to be a rapper – SB insists that it has NOTHING to do with Love and Hip Hop.

so theres this Man above called God i pray to.. Last thing i checked he ran the world… Not humans.. [praying hands emoji] #blessed #2coast1day #STUNTGANG #andnothisaintLovenhiphop #iwouldnever #nothingwrongwithitbutitaintme #myshit #no1elses #Wouldyouwatchmyshow???

Again I ask, would you watch?

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