Thanks to a MTA Bus in Los Angeles, footage of the fatal car accident involving Bruce Jenner – before the Caitlyn – has been revealed. The bus had six cameras mounted to it, and caught the violent extremities of the accident that claimed the life of Jenner family friend, Kim Howe.

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While he was going northbound, Jenner plowed into a white Lexus, and then a blue Prius. The Lexus was shoved into oncoming traffic, and a Hummer crashed into it head-on … killing Howe.

Watch the footage below.

The person in the Prius has filed a lawsuit, and the step-children of Howe have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jenner. The now transgender female has revealed that he doesn’t plan to lose the case, and isn’t handing over any money.

Jenner told police that he was being chased by the paps, which is the number cause of the accident.

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