Drake x Energy

This guy Drake has his hand in just about every pot there is. Today Drake made an announcement that he will be launching OVO Sound Radio!


Today on the debut of Beats 1 Radio, Drake is sitting down with host Zane Lowe and he talks about the Energy video that was released today on Apple Music. The show is currently streaming live so updates are still coming in; however, he has touched on subjects such as headlining the UK Wireless Festival and his extended stay out in the UK.

Drake was spotted at a couple Wimbledon matches supporting Serena Williams as she makes her way to the finals and looks for her 6th Wimbledon title. Also, Drake also talks about his highly anticipated album, Views From The 6; but, there is no info as to when it can be expected to be finalized. Drake also shows how much of a boss he is when he says he doesn’t send his label the album, they hear it when the rest of the world does. BOSS MOVES B!

In a portfolio that shows no signs of slowing down, Drake announces that OVO Sound Radio will launch tomorrow night! There is no way you can hate on this man’s grind at all. Apple Music has to be thankful for the partnership with Drake because he definitely took them to another level with his co-sign.

I’m definitely interested to see what the OVO Sound station will sound like and what it angle will bring to radio because with Drake, there is always an angle!