Yesterday the footage of the fatal car crash that involved Caitlyn Jenner and claimed the life of mother and family friend Kim Howe. Today reports state that the family of the victim have filed documents stating that $500K is not enough to cover the damages.

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The car crash that claimed the life of Kim Howe caused damages totaling up to over half a million dollars and the step children of the deceased are making sure they get every penny.

William Howe and Dana Redmond, Kim’s stepchildren say that the damages and their pain equal up to more than the 500K that Jenner’s insurance policy covers. They also claim that the other claims that occurred due to the crash will take up the $500K they believe is rightfully theirs.

Jenner who is facing another lawsuit from other drivers involved, is fighting the step children on their claim saying, the step children are adults and did not have a relationship or depend on Howe at the time of her death, so therefore he owes them nothing.

Looks like this is going to end in a nasty court battle.

Source TMZ