Yesterday, 50 Cent’s lawyers made their closing statements in the Sex Tape suit that has been brought against him and it doesn’t look like they were too convincing. Today, 50 was found guilty of leaking the sex tape of the mother of Rick Ross’ kid!


The beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross goes back some time now. You may remember when 50 Cent hacked into Rozay’s Twitter account and posted various things claiming to be the rapper but it may have crossed the line when 50 posted a sex tape of the mother of one of Rozay’s kids on his website back in 2009.

Lastonia Levinston filed a claim against 50 claiming that he violated her civil rights by posting the video without her permission. Leviston says since the video was posted, she has suffered emotional damages and decided to sue. In a sworn deposititon, 50 claimed he received the video from another online source, and that he edited himself into the video as “Pimpin Curly” to mock Rick Ross.

Sometime ago, 50’s request to the judge to throw out the case on the grounds of the video already being online was thrown out and he had to stand trial in the suit. Today, after being found guilty in the case, the judge says 50 Cent will have to pay $5 million to Levinston. Sheesh!

Source: Revolt Revolt