_ #TheShoe Sparks Debate Of Which Nail Polish Color Matches Months After #TheDress Frenzy

A photo of ‘The Shoe’ sparked a huge debate on Twitter of which nail polish color matches the shoe. This came just months after the debate of the color of ‘The Dress’ went viral. Read more on the story and check out the photos of #TheShoe and reactions to the nail polish color debate after the jump!

People are now comparing ‘The Shoe’ debate to that of ‘The Dress’, which millions of people argued about the color of the optical illusion dress. In February, users on social media questioned whether ‘The Dress’ was really blue and black or white and gold. Now they are debating over two shades of nail polish and one fuchsia colored shoe. Twitter user @totallymendes asked her followers which nail polish color they thought matched her shoe the best and the internet went crazy as people began using the hashtag #TheShoe.

Check out the photos and people’s reactions of #TheShoe and the nail polish debate on Twitter in the gallery! Which nail polish color matches the best to you?

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