After making flagrant, disrespectful comments about music and business mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, it appears GS9’s P Gutta averts his attention from 50 Cent to Sha Money XL and Epic Records.

It’s well documented that rap artists BobbY Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel and other GS9 members are enmeshed in a complex criminal case involving conspiracy, drugs, guns and death. As the group maintains their innocence and court procedures ensue, many in the music industry are wondering why hasn’t corporate giant Epic Records or manager Sha Money XL bailed out their young artists?


Due to frustration with the matter, group associate, P Gutta, made deplorable remarks suggesting 50 Cent incriminated people and how he ought to stay out of GS9 business.

Now, without retracting or repudiating his statements or apologetic, he thanks French Montana for ‘pulling his coat’, probably pointing the blame elsewhere. And he’s most likely correct. 50 cent is not the reason for bail not being posted.

So, P Gutta decided to post another video filled with egregious language in attempts to encourage some discourse regarding the issue. You think Epic Records or Sha Money XL will take the bait???

Below is the video of P Gutta: