Bobby Shmurda inspires wedding proposal

#IFWT reported on 50 cent holding Kidd Kidd down at the XXL freshman concert when he was arrested and during 50’s performance, he took some shots at Sha Money and Epic for not bailing Bobby Shmurda out of Rikers. A GS9 member recently posted a video to share those same feelings!


It looks like Sha Money and Epic records continue to get blasted as Bobby Shmurda continues to sit on Rikers Island. Bobby Shmurda has been locked up since December and was given a $2 million bail; however, no one from his label has put up any money to get him out.

Sha Money, an A&R at Epic Records, has been blasted several times by various people including 50 cent for leaving Bobby high and dry and not supporting the artist he was making money off of. In this latest video, a GS9 member goes in on Sha Money and definitely doesn’t hold back.

GS9 On Sha Money & Epic..

Following 50 Cent’s comments about Bobby Shmurda’s situation, some GS9 members seemed to have thought 50 was mocking and as a result, told 50 to keep Bobby’s name out of his mouth. It looks like there has been some change of heart as a member is now co-signing the comments 50 made at the XXL Freshman concert.

At this point, it seems that Bobby will have to wait for trial as he still has not received any support in bail money.