Ok.. the controversial deate about the N-Word is up for discussion once again! Chicago rapper, Lil Herb, has no problem with white fans using n-word at shows!

Lil Herb is a widely respected drill rapper and and just sat down with VladTV to discuss current trends. The whole issue about Tom Hanks son using the n-word was brought up again. Lil Herbo says he see’s no problem with Chet Haze using the n-word as long as it is genuine. The Chicago driller also spits to white crowds and doesn’t mind if they use the n-word that he writes in his lyrics. Lil Herb confirms that its music and it’s not met to discriminate but to relate to everyone.

DJ Vlad also discussed other topics in recent culture such a the Rachel Dolezal scandal and the courageous acts of Bree Newsome. Lil Herb is confused by Rachel Dolezal’s actions and commends Bree’s incredible act of taking the confederate flag down. But, Herb also implied that these events are consistently portrayed in media and lots of other terrible acts need attention. For example, in Chicago, plenty of murders occur and lots of attention is not brought to those areas. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Lil Herb?